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When you create an exploded view, the definition of how the parts are spread is saved in a display configuration. If the assembly is subsequently changed (new parts are added), then these will not appear in the configuration. The following method can be used to add these new parts into an existing exploded display configuration:

Step 1: Ensure all of the required new parts are displayed and open the ERA tool.

Step 2: Open the existing “Exploded” display configuration ( a message will be displayed saying that the assembly has changed, click OK).

Exploded display configuration







In the Explode Pathfinder there will be a section labelled “Unexploded Parts”. Expand this. Select all of the parts, right mouse click and select Show.








In this case I have added one part with bolts located in it. I wish to explode all the parts as a single unit, before running a secondary operation to explode the bolts separately.

Step 3: Select all the components from the “Unexploded Parts” list in the Pathfinder and select the Explode command.

Explode Command



Accept these as the parts to move.

Step 4:  Click on the main body (valve housing) as the fixed part.

ScreenHunter_64 Dec. 15 14.44








Step 5: To define which face to offset from, I choose the mating face of the 2 parts and project to the left – away from the fixed part.

ScreenHunter_65 Dec. 15 14.46





Step 6: When you accept the direction, Solid Edge displays a dialog box asking how to explode the parts. I want this to be done as a unit in this case.

Explode options











Click Explode and Finish to complete the first part of the manual explode. Exit out of all selections and commands.

Step 7: Click the Explode command and select the four bolts. Accept the input.

Step 8: Click the endcap as the fixed part, click the front face and the direction to the left (similar to the previous operation).

bolt explode





Step 9: Click on Move components as a unit. Click OK, Click Explode and Finish.

Step 10: Click to Save the display configuration and exit ERA.

Updated exploded view

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