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When you are working with an imported assembly, Solid Edge does a great job of creating all of the parts and placing them into the assembly, but all the parts will be grounded in place. This article will show how assembly relationships can be quickly applied to make it into a workable assemble.

The first step is to select the “Assembly Relationship Assistant” from the Relate section of the Home tab.

When the Options box displays, select “Itself” to check against Select set 1 (as we will select all parts for Select Set 1). Also Click the “Remove relationships on parts in select Set 1″ and click the “Remove Grounded parts relationships”. Click OK.

Fence select all of the parts to include in Select Set 1 and right mouse click to accept the selection.

On the ribbon bar the select set 2 option will be greyed out as we have requested to check set 1 against itself.

In the Relationship Assistant Settings set the relationship types that you want found and click the process button.

Solid Edge will locate all of the possible relationships that it can find and display these in the list. If you want to allow for offsets, then you may need to adjust the tolerance settings. If you click on one of the list items, you will see the relationship display in the model. If Solid Edge has found relationships you don’t require, un-check them from the list. Click the Accept button when you have a set of relationships you are happy with.

Repeat the process with different relations types if required and then click Close.

On the Ribbon bar, select finish to complete the process.

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