Why is a NVidia Quadro graphics card better than a GeForce for CAD?

18 June 2018, by Alan No Comments
Solid Edge

For optimal performance Solid Edge recommends the use of a professional graphics card which has been specifically designed for CAD applications.  In the NVidia graphics cards range, both the Quadro and GeForce series of cards are offered.  What are the differences between these two NVidia graphics cards series?  The NVidia Quadro series is a professional

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Next Generation Design has arrived!

15 February 2018, by Alan No Comments
Generative design, Solid Edge, Synchronous Technology, Tips

Generative Design seems to be the new buzz-word and is touted to be the technology that is going to change the engineering world, but what is it and is it enough on its own? In the past, designers have worked hard to optimise designs, reducing weight to make their products lighter and less costly to make.

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What sets Solid Edge apart from the others?

25 July 2017, by Alan No Comments
Solid Edge

I recently read an article called “What sets Solid Edge apart from Solidworks” that looks at why Siemens are the leading mid-range CAD provider. In the article, it looks at the use of Synchronous Technology and the forward thinking of using the Surface Pro for design on the go. This is true to a certain extent, but doesn’t

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Teamcenter Rapid Start – The easy way into PDM

17 November 2016, by Alan No Comments
Solid Edge, Teamcenter

Product Data Management (PDM) has been around for a long time now, but why haven’t many companies adopted them to help manage their ever increasing amounts of files and data? I recently read an article by ENGINEERING.com entitled “Putting PLM within reach” that stated “about one half of PLM implementations cost less than US$250,000″ and “about two-thirds

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Robust modelling

4 August 2016, by Alan No Comments
Parts, Solid Edge, Synchronous Technology, Tips

Back in the late 90’s Rick Mason was the guru when it came to Solid Edge and I was recently asked for Rick’s guidelines for robust modelling practice and thought it still useful and relevant to those users using feature based modelling (included below). This does also highlight to me the advances that Siemens have

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Adding Custom Hole Sizes in Solid Edge

16 July 2016, by Caitlin Pope No Comments
Solid Edge

Solid Edge has a complete set of holes sizes and types available, but what if the size you want is not in the list? Up until Solid Edge ST6, users could add their own hole sizes to the Holes.txt file, stored in the Solid Edge-preferences folder, but an overhaul of the holes command in ST7

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Setting up the standard parts database

22 June 2016, by Caitlin Pope No Comments
Solid Edge

The first part of this process is to install the Standard Parts Administration tool, which can be found on the main Solid Edge Install DVD:     This will install the database and the master part files (a small subset of standard components) and will add 2 items into your start menus, the Configuration Wizard

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Saving and moving settings between versions and users.

27 April 2016, by Alan No Comments
Solid Edge

One of the most annoying things about changing versions, is the that you need to reset all of your new settings, but did you know there is a way to save them out and re-load them? The tool for doing this is called the Solid Edge Administrator. The Solid Edge Administrator, SEAdmin.exe, is delivered to

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Finding Commands in Solid Edge

11 March 2016, by Caitlin Pope No Comments
Solid Edge

To find commands quickly, use the Command Finder located on the status bar.  You can search for the command by command name or by capability. Command Finder also aids more experienced users migrating to Solid Edge from other products. Typing a search term or keyword from a competing product will find the matching command in

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Challenges faced by switching CAD software

18 February 2016, by Alan No Comments
News, Solid Edge, Synchronous Technology

I recently read an article by a CAD vendor highlighting the main reasons it is hard to switch from one CAD system to another and how they can overcome these. The number one issue they gave was Legacy Data: “As of now, there is still no automatic way to translate files from one major CAD

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How to hide material for only some of the parts in a Parts list?

26 January 2016, by Caitlin Pope 1 Comment
Solid Edge

How can we make the Parts List show the material for only some of the parts in a Parts List and not others?   We can selectively override the specific cell corresponding to the material in the parts list by doing the following:   1. Right click on the parts list and select ‘Properties’. 2.

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How to Set a Different View from Front as the Default View When Creating a Draft

14 December 2015, by Caitlin Pope No Comments
Drafting, Solid Edge, Tips

With a .par open, select Application button -> New -> “Drawing of Active Model” to create a drawing from the model: Make sure that “Run Drawing View Creation Wizard” is checked and select “OK”: Do not place the view yet and in the View Wizard toolbar select “View Wizard – Drawing View Layout”:   Change the

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