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If you have one or more Solid Edge Floating licenses it is possible for licenses to be “borrowed” and then able to run “off network”. Borrowed licenses run for the borrowed period and are not available from the license server until the borrowed period ends – or the borrowed license is returned.


Launch License Borrowing from the Solid Edge program group.


Click on the license you want to borrow and select the date period for borrowing at top of dialog – this can be today’s date – in which case the borrowing will end at midnight.

Click on Borrow Licenses

This dialog indicates successful borrowing, you should now be able to run Solid Edge off the network.



To return the license, you will need to connect to the same network as the license server, run the license borrowing utility and click “return all licenses”

Note that the borrowed license will automatically expire and return to the server license pool at the end of the borrow period.

A handy example of license borrowing would be a remote employee connecting to the office internet via VPN (Virtual Private Network) and borrowing a Solid Edge license. They can then disconnect from the network and continue working. When they have finished the work reconnect via VPN and return the license – or let the license lapse if only borrowed until the end of the current day.

We suggest that it’s best to borrow licenses for the minimum period you need the license, for example – to the end of current day, just in case you have trouble reconnecting and cannot return the borrowed license and end up depriving another user !

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