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Using Siemens Solid Edge, the Streetscape team developed the award winning Kumutoto toilets in Wellington.


Pictured above: Streetscape’s award winning Kumutoto toilets in Wellington

When Sean Cresswell joined Streetscape as their 3D CAD Manager, the company was working with very basic 2D CAD tools, which limited their ability to get accurate data to the shop floor. This slowed down production times, so it wasn’t long before Sean looked for a better way to manage the design needs of the company.

After evaluating a few CAD software products, the team agreed that Solid Edge featured the best tools for sheet metal design, as well as for creating working drawings. After purchasing Solid Edge through CAD Central, the team quickly found that their projects could be developed with shorter lead times and reduced rework.

Using Solid Edge, Streetscape clients can review their projects on-screen, and their team can confidently go straight to production, without expensive, wasteful prototyping. Sean says “I was surprised at the amount of times I had clients amazed that I could turn their parts into a sheet metal file that flattens, sometimes right in front of them”. Synchronous Technology has assisted in speeding up the total design process. Sean says, “it literally gobsmacks the clients that get to watch it happen”. He also admits, “I still have so much to learn from this powerful software… I only graze the surface of its capacity”.

A company merger added a range of products to the Streetscape repertoire, including sand casting, injection and rotary molding to the techniques already being utilised. All of this was easily catered for in Solid Edge, and well within the scope of Streetscape’s fast growing expertise.

Solid Edge also brought the ability to handle legacy data, converting it into accurate 3D CAD models, and turning them into associative 2D drawings for the factory staff to build from.
One of the more recent examples of Streetscape’s Solid Edge projects is their upgrade to “Heritage Plaza” in Te Puke. Their continuing partnership with civil and construction teams has lead to the successful delivery of this project to the Western Bay Of Plenty District Council. The team has also been involved in the development of street furniture for the Rugby World Cup and a pet food processing plant in Hastings.

Sean says, “One of the things I love about Solid Edge is the supportive international community found in the Solid Edge newsgroups. It is a great resource for helping to solve many problems”. Sean is an active participant on the forums, and often learns tricks from fellow users from around the world, as well as passing on his own knowledge to those in need.

About Streetscape

Streetscape is a New Zealand street furniture manufacturing company based in Tauranga, Bay of Plenty. Streetscape specialises in the design and manufacturing of quality street furniture and street lighting solutions.

Streetscape NZ
Auckland + Tauranga
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