Catchbook is a sketching app that will be available for Windows, Android/iOS tablets and smartphones late in 2015; allowing you to create whenever inspiration arises and wherever you happen to be at the time. The app allows you to sketch, annotate, import, trace over photographs and more.

The D-Cubed 2D DCM engine (used in full blown CAD products like Solid Edge) allows you to accurately create lines, arcs and other shapes, along with the ability to create dimensions to control the design,  that make it easy to turn concepts into CAD.

One nice feature is the ability to interpret your freehand sketches into lines and arcs. When you sketch, there will always be line wobbles and your circles may well look like eggs. This is no problem to Catchbook as it will get the intent and tidy it up for you. Further to this, you can add dimensions and constrain it in place, providing a level of parametric control that can only be found in full CAD systems.



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