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Next Generation Design has arrived!

15 February 2018, by Alan No Comments
Generative design, Solid Edge, Synchronous Technology, Tips

Generative Design seems to be the new buzz-word and is touted to be the technology that is going to change the engineering world, but what is it and is it enough on its own? In the past, designers have worked hard to optimise designs, reducing weight to make their products lighter and less costly to make.

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Robust modelling

4 August 2016, by Alan No Comments
Parts, Solid Edge, Synchronous Technology, Tips

Back in the late 90’s Rick Mason was the guru when it came to Solid Edge and I was recently asked for Rick’s guidelines for robust modelling practice and thought it still useful and relevant to those users using feature based modelling (included below). This does also highlight to me the advances that Siemens have

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How to Set a Different View from Front as the Default View When Creating a Draft

14 December 2015, by Caitlin Pope No Comments
Drafting, Solid Edge, Tips

With a .par open, select Application button -> New -> “Drawing of Active Model” to create a drawing from the model: Make sure that “Run Drawing View Creation Wizard” is checked and select “OK”: Do not place the view yet and in the View Wizard toolbar select “View Wizard – Drawing View Layout”:   Change the

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Using reference planes with assembly relationships

3 September 2015, by Alan No Comments
Assemblies, Solid Edge, Tips

There are times when you want to create a specific position for cylindrical parts that have no flat faces. In this situation, you can use the part reference planes to align the parts. In this example, we will use a planar align, although a mate or angle relationship could be used. First, start by selecting

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Understanding Templates and Styles

9 June 2015, by Alan No Comments
Drafting, Solid Edge, Tips

Templates When you install Solid Edge, a number of template files are installed into the C:/Program Files/Solid Edge ST7/Template folders (split into sub-folders to define the drawing standards). Each folder will contain five files that cover the five different environments – Part, Sheet Metal, Assembly, Weldment and Draft. These files hold the pre-configured layout and

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Customising Solid Edge

25 March 2015, by Alan No Comments
Drafting, Macros, Programming, Solid Edge, Tips

There are some tasks in using a CAD program that are repetitive or commonly used and you think “why can’t this be simplified?”. Generally these revolve around sketching or draughting functions and these are just the sort of things that can be easily programmed using visual basic. Solid Edge delivers a number of sample macros with

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Changes to Material Library

15 December 2014, by Alan No Comments
Parts, Solid Edge, Tips

Solid Edge now supports multiple material libraries. You can import and export materials, edit materials, and add custom properties to existing materials. You apply a material to a part to define the material and mechanical properties. These properties are used when you calculate the physical properties for a part or assembly, place the part in

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Getting full depth welds

15 December 2014, by Alan No Comments
Assemblies, Solid Edge, Tips, Welds

Have you ever wondered how to get your groove welds to extend to the full depth of a groove?           There are extra settings on the command bar that are not used by default, but are available for use when needed. Here’s how: Step 1: Start the Gr0ove weld command and

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Borrowing a Solid Edge Floating License

26 November 2014, by Andrew Ecker 1 Comment
Solid Edge, Tips

If you have one or more Solid Edge Floating licenses it is possible for licenses to be “borrowed” and then able to run “off network”. Borrowed licenses run for the borrowed period and are not available from the license server until the borrowed period ends – or the borrowed license is returned.

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Solid Edge Draft: Centre of mass symbol

8 September 2014, by Andrew Ecker No Comments
Drafting, Solid Edge, Tips

Ever had to place a Centre of mass on a drawing view? New in Solid Edge ST7 is a Centre of mass symbol. The video shows how this is done.

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Solid Edge ST7 Parts List enhancement

5 September 2014, by Andrew Ecker No Comments
Drafting, Solid Edge, Tips, Uncategorized

Siemens have added a couple of view enhancements to the Parts list in ST7. 1,477 total views, 1 views today

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Downloading Solid Edge ST7

26 August 2014, by Andrew Ecker No Comments
News, Solid Edge, Tips

Solid Edge ST7 is available right now for maintenance customers to download from GTAC. The download is approximately 3GB in size, so you will need a reasonable internet connection. You may also want to look at download managers, especially if your internet connection is not 100% reliable. Goto the download area at GTAC and login

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