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There are times when you may wish to reduce the font size of the parts list on your drawing to allow it to fit the depth of the page rather than having it wrap into a second column.

The font size is controlled from the Styles  and not within the Parts list properties dialog box. To change the font size, select the Styles command from the Dimension Section on the Home tab. Select Table from the “Style type” list as the parts list is built using a table.

Ensure that the Normal Style is selected and then select the Modify button. In the Modify Table dialog box, select the Text tab. By default, there will only be one text style – Normal. Select this and then select the Modify button.

In the Modify Text Box Style dialog box, select the Paragraph tab and change the font size as required.

Click the OK button to close the 2 dialog boxes and then Apply and Close the Style box. You will then notice the changes applied to you parts list.

If you wish to have more options available, you can make similar changes to the draft template that you use. You can create new text styles and then these will be available in the Table style. You can also create multiple table styles that use different size fonts.


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