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Creating a slot in Solid Edge is very easy.

One method would be to construct it with circles and tangent lines and then trim out the internal sections of the circles. This works OK, but you need to constrain the geometry well with relationships and dimensions to keep it as you would require it.

Another way to achieve the same result is to use the line command and switch to arc mode (hit the A key) at the end of each line. Switching to an arc will automatically turn on tangency, but this still means you need to use dimensions to keep it constrained.

The final option is to use a symmetric offset. The first step in the process is to create the centre line for the slot using a line, multiple lines or arc command. Add dimensions to position it.


Select the Symmetric Offset command from the Draw section  of the home tab.

In the options dialog box, set the Offset Arc as the Cap type and set the width to the desired slot width with the radius being half the size of the width and click OK.

Click on the drawn line(s) and right mouse click to create the slot:

To edit the width of the slot, select the outside edge of the slot (the solid line) and select options from the smart step. To change the length of the slot, modify the centreline.




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