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Introduced in Solid Edge ST4 was the ability to have unique sets of gages for different materials. This is useful as the material thickness, bend radii etc… for 10 gage steel are not the same as they are for 10 gage aluminum.

Clicking the check box on the Gage tab in the Material table (see below) allows users to define these different characteristics based on entries in an excel spreadsheet. The Gagetable.xls file installed with Solid Edge is the default but you can copy this to a server, edit it and share amongst several users. File Locations in Solid Edge Options has an entry for this.smtip1

The list of materials in the Use Gage Table dropdown list reflects the tabs at the bottom of the excel spreadsheet (alphabetically sorted)


Selecting a material in the Material table dropdown list shown above then makes available each of the individually specified gages on that sheet in excel.


If you do not use the Gage tab in the Material Table to define sheet metal characteristics then material thickness, neutral factor etc… are the same for all materials.

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