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In ST6 the Drawing View Wizard has been added to the Command bar – in this tip we look at how to use it.


This gives you easier access to all of the drawing setup commands you’ve always had plus a few new ones. View saved settings make it easy to reapply standard view settings from the dropdown list. Eg: shaded iso view with tangent edges for finished developed Sheet Metal models and plain views with hidden line detail for the flattened views of the same model.



Ps. if you really can’t get on with the new interface you can always go back to the old Wizard dialog box interface.

Drawing View Preview. Solid Edge draft now shows you what your drawing view is going to look like before you place it. Saves you time and effort ensuring the right view orientation is placed with the minimum of effort. This enhancement really complements the new Drawing View Wizard functionality. So changes you make in the buttons and dropdowns in the Drawing View Wizard command bar are reflected in the view preview.






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