Case Studies

Elektroschit-EM provides end-to-end electrical engineering services from design and manufacturing to commissioning and maintenance. With rapidly growing new business development, management realized the company needed to accelerate design and automate the product engineering and production planning processes.

Up until 2007, the company’s engineers used a computer-aided design (CAD) system, but they were not satisfied with the software’s performance, functionality and modeling quality. “Switching to different
software was inevitable,” says Peter Alexandrov, design engineer at Elektroschit-EM. “An increasing number of new orders required faster response and the CAD system we had did not meet our needs.”

In selecting the right solution, the company evaluated two leading CAD systems. “The experts who analyzed the software had to solve similar problems with both of the CAD technologies and identify the  significant benefits of each,” says Alexander Kotikov, Elektroschit-EM’s chief designer.

“Our most important requirement was efficient sheet metal design,” says Alexandrov. “Sheet metal design using Solid Edge is much easier and faster. Another important criterion was the easy generation of sheet metal body parts.”

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