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Engineers now have more design and analysis power on the desktop with the combination of Femap 10.1 and NX Nastran 7 (ships as Femap with NX Nastran version 10.1.1).

As previously reported, Femap 10.1 adds even more power and productivity with:
* the consolidated visibility dialog, including visibility control for multiple groups and multiple layers;
* additional quick visibility options in the model tree;
* improved editing of size / location(s) of pre-existing load definitions;
* extra “total load” options for distributing loads across geometry;
* load set combinations prior to analysis (with scale factors retained);
* reversing contact region positive face direction;
* nested groups;
* contour plots of material / property data;
* direct import of SolidWorks parts & assemblies;
* automatic weighting factors based on node distance in RBE3 interpolation elements.

In addition, NX Nastran Version 7 provides:
* Improved 64bit ILP performance (can address Terabytes of RAM);
* Temperature dependent plasticity in Advanced Non-Linear;
* Improved default Glue and Contact accuracy in “Linear” Static Analysis
* Faster convergence in “Linear” Contact Analysis
* Multiple distinct Glue and Contact Properties in “Linear” Static Analysis

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