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NX Nastran has a few “secret” capabilities that are not obvious from within Femap. It may not be clear there are two distinct sets of documentation: one set for Femap itself, plus a complete set for NX Nastran.  The latter is reached via Help | NX Nastran (from within Femap) and it makes for some fascinating reading!  A good start is the (pdf) NX Nastran Users Guide, or the Quick Reference Guide for detailed information.  Here are a few capabilities that may not be obvious to the occasional user:

  • 2D and 3D crack tip elements for fracture mechanics
  • inertia relief to solve static problems with insufficient or no constraints
  • modal and dynamic analysis of structures (eg tanks, vessels) either partially or fully filled/submerged with/in fluid*
  •  eigenvalue buckling or natural frequency solutions calculated from loaded contact conditions
  • residual stresses and permanent deflection following yield conditions
  • interior and exterior coupled acoustic/structural analysis*
  • creep analysis
  • 1D fluid mass flow representation for fluid / thermal forced convection.
  • Periodic / cyclic symmetry (as distinct from vanilla sector symmetry)

Some of these analysis activities may require adding manual entries to the NX Nastran analysis file.  While vast amounts of advanced analysis can be performed without ever considering the NX Nastran analysis file, additional capability is available via editing or adding entries to the file.  Contact us if there are any of these or other subtle features you could use.

* aspects of these analyses may require the Dynamics add-on.

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