Solid Edge

To find commands quickly, use the Command Finder located on the status bar.  You can search for the command by command name or by capability.

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Command Finder also aids more experienced users migrating to Solid Edge from other products. Typing a search term or keyword from a competing product will find the matching command in Solid Edge.

When you type a term and click Go , the Command Finder dialog box displays results that contain your search term.

For available commands, you can use the results shown in the Command Finder dialog box to:
• Locate the command in the user interface.
• Read the associated Help topic.
• Run the command.

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  • To see results in other environments, you can use the Show Matches outside Environment option on the dialog box.
  • You can turn Command Finder on and off using the Command Finder option on the Customize Status Bar shortcut menu.


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