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Have you ever wondered how to get your groove welds to extend to the full depth of a groove?

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There are extra settings on the command bar that are not used by default, but are available for use when needed.

Here’s how:

Step 1: Start the Gr0ove weld command and set your weld options and click OK.

Step 2: Click the larger face as the base face and accept it.

Base Face





Step 3: Click the smaller face as the target face and accept it.

Target Face






Step 4: Click the Outer edge of face at step 3 for the outer boundary and accept it.

Top boundary





Step 5: Click the base edge from the step 3

Bottom boundary






Step 6: On the smart step, click on the Path Projection step

Path projection step








Step 7: Put Extend Surface for the Top Path on the command bar and click Preview.

Command bar



The result give a full depth weld

Full depth weld



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