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With a .par open, select Application button -> New -> “Drawing of Active Model” to create a drawing from the model:

ScreenHunter_10 Dec. 11 16.17

Make sure that “Run Drawing View Creation Wizard” is checked and select “OK”:

ScreenHunter_11 Dec. 11 16.19

Do not place the view yet and in the View Wizard toolbar select “View Wizard – Drawing View Layout”:

ScreenHunter_12 Dec. 11 16.23


Change the “Primary View” to the desired view e.g. “top” and select OK:

ScreenHunter_13 Dec. 11 16.24

In the toolbar select “View Wizard – Saved Settings”:

ScreenHunter_14 Dec. 11 16.28

In the “Saved settings” field enter a name to save this to e.g. “Par Top View”, select Save and then select OK:

ScreenHunter_15 Dec. 11 16.32

Continue changing settings, preferences, etc. like normal. If you wish to save any additional settings, then reselect “View Wizard – Saved Settings” and resave the settings, overwriting the existing saved settings.

ScreenHunter_16 Dec. 11 16.35

Once you have everything configured and saved, then place your Top view.

With a draft file active, select the “Application button” -> Solid Edge Options:

ScreenHunter_17 Dec. 11 16.37

In the Solid Edge Options select “Drawing View Wizard”:

ScreenHunter_18 Dec. 11 16.38

Under the “Part and Sheet Metal Drawing Views” sections, in the “Part -> Saved settings” drop down select the View Wizard saved setting we created previously e.g. “Par Top View”:

ScreenHunter_19 Dec. 11 16.41

Select OK to accept and save the changes.

The next time you create a drawing from the active model with the “Run Drawing View Creation Wizard” enabled, the default view, settings, etc. will be as defined in our saved settings.

You will need to repeat this process for each of the model types i.e. .asm, .psm and update the Solid Edge Options -> Drawing View Wizard appropriately:

ScreenHunter_20 Dec. 11 16.44

The saved settings are saved into your default defined “Template\Reports” folder under “DraftWizard.txt”:

ScreenHunter_21 Dec. 11 16.46

Distribute and share this “DraftWizard.txt” file the same way you share your Solid Edge template files within your organisation.

For more information on the saving and reusing drawing view settings see the following Solid Edge help documentation:




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