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If you are having trouble locating keypoints when you are working in Solid Edge then you may be interested to know that this is controlled by a Intellisketch setting. As this is based on a pixel based size, users with high resolution screens may have more trouble locating keypoints.


To change the settings, switch to the Sketching tab and select the Intellisketch button

Once you have opened the dialog box, click on the Cursor tab.

The Locate zone option sets the size of the IntelliSketch locate zone radius. The locate zone is a region around the cursor.

IntelliSketch recognizes relationships based on elements within the locate zone so that you do not have to move the cursor to an exact position. For example, if part of an element is within the locate zone, IntelliSketch recognizes a Point On relationship.

The size of the locate zone is indicated by a circle around the center of the cursor crosshair. Values from 3 to 12 pixels are valid.

The Intent zone sets the size of the intent zone radius. Intent zones allow drawing commands to interpret your intentions as you draw. Values from 3 to 12 pixels are valid.

One othe thing worth pointing out at this stage is the ability to temporarily suspend intellisketch. To do this, hold down the ALT key on the keyboard so that IntelliSketch does not recognize any relationships.


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