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Logical Flat Pattern.

When creating a flat pattern of a Sheet Metal part in Solid Edge it really helps to follow (and understand) the Prompt bar to get a result which visually makes sense. It also helps to do this so you have a better understanding of how the model will display when you come to create a drawing of the flattened model.


Step 1: Select Face.

Once Step 2 is completed the selected face will be moved to lie on the XY plane of the coordinate system.




Step 2: Select Orientation

This step is critical to a logical flat pattern result. Move the mouse to an edge on the face selected in Step 1. The edge highlights and a sphere is placed on an end of that edge, whichever end is closest to the mouse. Once selected, the orange sphere is relocated to the model origin and the highlighted orange edge aligned to the X axis of the coordinate system. These two illustrated steps result in the Flattened view as shown above.




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