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Industrial machinery producer Kotchergenko realized a 50% increase in productivity, 20% faster model generation and improved product quality with Femap. It also made a 25 percent improvement in information flow/sharing.

At Kotchergenko, Femap with NX Nastran is used to conduct structural design calculations through the finite element analysis (FEA) method. A numerical tool for problem solving that is widely used in machinery and structural analysis, Femap with NX Nastran plays a key role in Kotchergenko’s core service, which consists of using simulation tools to verify clients’ machinery and recommending how to increase their production according to the equipment’s capacity, while also taking into consideration various requirements, such as durability, strength and safety. “Since design methods have evolved substantially, manufacturers are under more pressure to improve their products, reducing weight and therefore costs; however, their specifications do not always match market requirements,” notes Frederico Mol, technology director at Kotchergenko. “After we conduct our diagnosis, our clients are better prepared to question manufacturers and request changes to match product performance within expectations.”

Vital business component, substantial gains

With most projects utilizing Femap with NX Nastran, the solution has become a vital component in the company’s best practices.

“We could have developed such software internally, but this would have demanded a great investment in terms of man hours and effort in an activity that is not part of our core competencies,” – Frederico Mol, technology director at Kotchergenko.

By adopting Femap with NX Nastran, Kotchergenko is generating its models approximately 20 percent faster. The company has also achieved substantial cost savings as well as measurable gains in project quality and reliability. Importantly, with Femap with NX Nastran, the company can easily scale the software to its needs. Six licenses were acquired and more licenses appear imminent as the company is growing rapidly. Last year, the company posted a 77 percent increase in billings.

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