I was recently asked how you could have 2 separate drawing views (using different display configurations on the same assembly) in the same draft file and both views have a linked parts list that start their numbering from one.

To achieve this, place the first view using display configuration 1 (the head in this example) and then place the second view using display configuration 2 (the body in this example).

Create the Parts List on the Head. In the Parts List Properties, List Control tab, set the Configuration to “Head”. In the Options tab ensure that the numbering starts at 1 and the “Renumber items/balloons according to sort order” is ticked.

For the “Body” view, Select the Parts List button and de-select the Link to Active button:

Now place the parts list in the same fashion as the first view.

This will create a separate parts list that is NOT linked to the first and they you can have complete control over what is shown and not shown and the numbering without it setting the other list out of date.

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