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Siemens Solid Edge is a comprehensive 2D/3D CAD system for creating, documenting and managing 3D digital prototypes. It has tailored commands and workflows to accelerate design within specific industries. Accurate fit and function of parts is ensured by designing, analysing and modifying them within the Assembly Model.

Solid Edge users regularly create massive assemblies, often with more than 100,000 parts. With lightweight and simplified part representations, and powerful selection and display tools, Solid Edge makes it easy to work with large assemblies.

You can build and visualize digital designs, and minimize the need for costly physical prototypes.


The demand to design more innovative products that meet increasing customer needs, but are simpler to use, cheaper to manufacture, meet regulations and combat your competition has never been so critical. Dan Staples will illustrate how to welcome product development complexity with a toolset that balances breadth and depth, and keeps productivity the priority.


Frames and Welding



Comprehensive Digital Prototyping

Top-down and bottom-up modelling techniques are enabled by Solid Edge’s assembly-centric design environment. The original design intent is captured and maintained throughout the design process.


Conceptual Mechanisms






Simulation and Optimization



Electrical Routing



Key Features

Ease of Adoption

Solid Edge has minimal dialog boxes, predicts user intent, and makes recommendations based on your cursor position and selected features. The Smartstep ribbon bar guides you through a logical sequence and filters out what can be taken for granted. Unparalleled ease of use means you spend less time fighting the CAD system and more time on your designs.

Speed up the design process with Synchronous Technology

You no longer have to choose between constraint-driven or history-free modelling. Enjoy the freedom of reusing models, and seamlessly use data from multiple CAD systems.

Flexible modelling in Solid Edge ST8

Solid Edge enables you to change your designs easily and quickly so that you can adapt to changes as and when they happen.


Industry leading sheet metal design

Solid Edge is known as the best sheet metal designer, but add in synchronous technology and sheet metal design has never been so easy.


Practical evolution from 2D to 3D

Solid Edge’s production proven 2D drafting helps you get the job done today, while moving to 3D at your own pace and with less expense. Text boxes can contain bullets and numbering for flexible drawing production.

  • Complete digital prototyping
  • Support for massive assembly
  • Superior sheet metal tools.


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