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One of the most annoying things about changing versions, is the that you need to reset all of your new settings, but did you know there is a way to save them out and re-load them? The tool for doing this is called the Solid Edge Administrator.

The Solid Edge Administrator, SEAdmin.exe, is delivered to the \Solid Edge\SptTools\SEAdmin folder on the main Solid Edge DVD. To use this tool, you need to copy the SEAdmin.exe file to the \Program Files\Solid Edge ST8\Program folder.

You can run the administrator by double clicking the SEAdmin.exe, thus opening the dialog box which displays all of the settings that can be set, with default values for the appropriate options.

Solid Edge Administrator dialog box


The Allow Override field controls whether or not users can override the option.

Once you set the option overrides, you can use the Save As command to save the options to the configuration file, Options.xml. You can change the name and the default location of the configuration file. It can be placed on a network share where all users have read permissions. You can also create multiple configuration files to meet your needs. For example, you might want to create one configuration file for your engineers and a separate file for your shop floor personnel. The configuration file can store option settings for multiple versions of Solid Edge.

Once you save the configuration file, you can instruct users to set the Solid Edge Administrator value on the File Locations tab of the Solid Edge Options dialog box to point to the appropriate configuration file. The default location for the configuration file is the Solid Edge Preferences folder. However, users can use the Modify button on the Options dialog box to specify another location for the file.

Solid Edge Options



The first time you set the Solid Edge Administrator option to point to an Options.xml file, all of the option settings, including the Allow Override options that are set to yes, are applied. This enables the administrator to deliver all the options on first use, and then allows the user to change settings based on the definition within Solid Edge Administrator.

If you need to make changes to the configuration file, run SEAdmin.exe. When the Solid Edge Administrator dialog box is displayed, on the File menu, click Open. On the Open dialog box, open the configuration file, make the appropriate changes to the file, and save the file. After saving the configuration file, instruct users to update to the new configuration file.

Using this functionality, you can ensure the options are consistent among multiple users within an organisation, or save your own settings so that they can be used once you have installed a new version of Solid Edge.


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