Solid Edge

The first part of this process is to install the Standard Parts Administration tool, which can be found on the main Solid Edge Install DVD:


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This will install the database and the master part files (a small subset of standard components) and will add 2 items into your start menus, the Configuration Wizard and the Administrator:


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The configuration wizard should be run next to ensure that the file paths are set. If you are using a server to install the parts on to, you will need to specify a UNC path, otherwise, if you are installing the parts on to your local computer, you can use standard windows folder name.

Complete the fields in the configuration dialog box and select Save:


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Standard Parts workstation setup

After you have set up the administration workstation, set the Standard Parts SAC file location on other workstations. The SAC file must be located in the UNC path that you defined during the

Standard Parts administration installation.


Set the Standard Parts SAC file location


Step 1: Start Solid Edge and open an Assembly file.

The assembly file can be an existing document or a new one. It does not matter, because you will not save any changes to the document, you are just using it to get into the Assembly environment.

Step 2: On the Application menu, click the Solid Edge Options button, which is located at the bottom of the menu.

Step 3: In the Solid Edge Options dialog box, click the File Locations tab.

Step 4: In the list of file types, click Standard Parts SAC file, click Modify, and browse to the location of the SMAPINIFile.sac file in the installation folder created when you installed the Standard Parts Administrator.


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Installing Parts Libraries


  1. If you have purchased Standard Parts libraries, install them directly at the top level of the Solid Edge Standard Parts installation directory. The installation process will copy all standard parts from the DVD to a specific location of the Standard Parts folder. While you install the library, it is important to select the top level folder created in Step 2 of Standard Parts administration.


  1. When the Library installation is complete, launch the Solid Edge Standard Parts Administrator and click Add parts.


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Registering Parts Add Parts

Add Parts Options

ScreenHunter_49 Jun. 22 19.45

  1. Add from the Standard Parts Installation Database: launches the Smart Installer application.
  2. Add new user part file(s): launches the BulkPartAdder application for registering user documents as Standard Parts.
  3. Add from existing single part file: registers parts in the database.
  4. Add from existing multiple part files: registers all standard parts from a selected location.


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