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The “Distance Between” command places a dimension that measures the distance between elements or key-points. The first dimension placed will define the datum from which all subsequent dimensions are measured from (a right mouse click will reset the datum for the next dimension group). When the position of the second dimension is placed, you can choose whether to have the dimension group as stacked

Or chained dimensions.

All subsequent dimensions will remain in this mode.

If you have a drawing view that is dimensioned from a datum, you can add dimensions in between others by using the “distance between” dimension.

Consider the following view.

Now if you want to add in a dimension between the 2 existing dimensions, select the “Distance between” dimension command.

For the datum edge, pick the left leader line of the overall width dimension, then pick the target point/line for the dimension

If you place the dimension over the place where you want the dimension inserted, the others will shuffle out to insert the dimension


The resultant dimensions look neat and tidy.

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