Siemens Solid Edge is a software package known for its 3D drafting capabilities. However, if you are looking for a new 2D drafting program to use across your business, then Siemens has a solution for that as well. Indeed, you can get a Solid Edge 2D download in New Zealand for the best price possible: free.

Solid Edge 3D is one of the top CAD programs on the market, thanks to easy integration with other platforms, compatibility with a broad range of file types and synchronous technology that makes the design and revision process faster and more intuitive. Solid Edge 2D brings its own laundry list of benefits to the 2D drafting space. The benefits, plus the fact that you can get Solid Edge 2D for free in New Zealand, makes it the ideal 2D drafting software—especially if you’ve been looking for an easy-to-use replacement for 2D AutoCAD.

What to Expect from Your Solid Edge 2D Download in New Zealand

Are you interested in trying out Solid Edge 2D in New Zealand? If so, CAD Central can help you get your free download and can offer any support you might need to get started with the software. Siemens offers Solid Edge 3D on a free trial download basis, but that trial version only lasts 45 days. Solid Edge 2D is totally free—no trial periods, no obligations to buy Solid Edge 3D and no extra features locked behind a paywall.

In addition to being free, Solid Edge 2D is fully parametric and offers a terrific set of tools that will allow you to accomplish just about anything you need to do in a 2D drafting space. Produce detailed drawing layouts of parts, products or other project designs. Use goal seeking to automate mathematical calculations and solve common engineering problems that relate to your design. Try out the diagramming feature to electrical, hydraulic and process and instrument design (P&ID) diagrams. Use dimensioning to measure the linear, angular, diameter or radial dimensions of your design.

On top of these features, your free copy of Siemens Solid Edge 2D in New Zealand can also read and write in both DWG and DFX formats and can even use DWG blocks without conversion. If you’ve been using AutoCAD, it’s easy to import your projects into Sold Edge 2D, with font and colour scheme mapping (among other features) helping to ease the transition.

Try out Solid Edge 2D for Free Today

The great thing about free trials is that they offer you the chance to try a high-quality piece of software out before you buy it. The great thing about Siemens Solid Edge 2D is that the free trial lasts forever, in both personal and professional versions. Quite simply, if you need a new 2D drafting software, there is no reason not to try this one. With a terrific set of features and all the functionality you need to replace (and forget about) 2D AutoCAD, Solid Edge 2D is the perfect next step for your 2D drawing needs.

Are you interested in trying Solid Edge 2D free in New Zealand? Click here to get your free trial, or call CAD Central on 0800 223 756 to learn more.

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