You’ve recently completed your 45-day free trial of Siemens Solid Edge, and you like the software. You see how the program will benefit your business—both regarding the speed and quality of your designs. You are interested in purchasing the software and continuing to use it. The question is, should you go for a full purchase, or is a subscription better for your business needs? Solid Edge subscriptions are available in New Zealand from CAD Central.

Purchase vs. Subscription

Certainly, one of the great things about the Solid Edge software is that you have a few different options to choose from when you decide to buy it. On the one hand, you can purchase the software outright, forever. Buying a perpetual licence for the software means you don’t have to pay subscription fees and will get updates for the software every time they become available. If you use CAD software every day and every hour and don’t want to worry about gaps in functionality, a perpetual licence is probably your best bet.

With that said, not every business that uses CAD uses it on a ‘perpetual’ basis. On the contrary, your business might have ‘design phases,’ where you spend a few months working on a new product design and using CAD heavily. You might also have times when you don’t use CAD much at all. There may be other situations where you take on project contracts that require an advanced CAD software like Solid Edge, but those contracts have end dates, and you might not have the same CAD needs after the fact.

In situations such as these, it’s nice to have the flexibility that a subscription service can provide. At CAD Central, we can help you arrange a Siemens Solid Edge subscription in New Zealand. You can purchase these subscriptions on both a month-by-month and year-by-year basis. Depending on your needs, your budget and several other factors, a subscription might be the best option for you.

Choosing the Right Perpetual Licence or Solid Edge Subscription Download in New Zealand

Regardless of whether you decide to buy a perpetual licence or Siemens Solid Edge subscription in New Zealand, you can expect top-tier CAD software with lots of features and full support from both Siemens and CAD Central. You will also need to choose which tier of software best suits your needs. These tiers include ‘Design and Drafting,’ ‘Foundation,’ ‘Classic’ and ‘Premium.’ Which tier you choose will influence your licence or Solid Edge subscription price in New Zealand. Design and Drafting is the lowest tier, but still includes key features such as direct modelling plus synchronous technology, basic part modelling, basic assembly design, and more. The Premium tiers include more advanced features, such as tube design, pipe design and full product simulation. Click here to learn more about the tiers.

If you are thinking about a Solid Edge subscription download in New Zealand, CAD Central would be happy to talk you through tiers, prices, the monthly vs. annual conversation and more. If you would like to speak with us, just give us a call on 0800 223 756.

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