Did you know that Solid Edge with synchronous technology allows you to edit data designed in other CAD systems? More than that, Solid Edge is often capable of editing non-native CAD files faster than you could edit them in their native CAD packages. Needless to say, if you have been looking to upgrade your CAD system but don’t want to risk not being able to edit or reuse your existing data, then Solid Edge is the logical next step.

Best of all, you don’t have to dive into the deep end right away. On the contrary, at CAD Central, we can offer a Solid Edge free trial in New Zealand, so that you get the chance to try out this sophisticated CAD program before you spend your money. We even provide extensive support and training resources, to help you navigate the learning curve of Solid Edge so you start reaping the benefits sooner rather than later.

About Our Siemens Solid Edge Trial in New Zealand

If you are interested in CAD Central’s Solid Edge trial download in New Zealand, read on to learn a bit more about the specifics. Unlike many free software trials, our trial download of Solid Edge allows for full functionality and support. Here are some frequently asked questions, so you know what you should expect if you decide to try out the software by going through us:

What is the length of the free trial? Each Solid Edge trial obtained through our New Zealand business lasts 45 days. After that time, you can decide whether you want to purchase the software and keep using it or look elsewhere for your CAD solution.

Are there any obligations? None. You can sign up for your 45-day trial without committing to anything. If you decide you love the software, you can purchase it. If you stop using the trial after a few days, that’s fine too. You have no obligation to keep using the software after the trial ends, or even to use the software throughout the full length of your trial.

What functionality can you expect? If you decide to try a Solid Edge free trial in New Zealand, we want you to experience the full functionality and potential of the software. As such, the trial version of Solid Edge is the full version, just limited to 45 days of unpaid use. Part modelling, sheet metal modelling, assembly design, drafting, simulation and add-on applications are all included and accessible with the free trial.

What kind of support is available? Solid Edge is an extensive piece of software with a lot of capabilities. Getting a handle on all the features and functions isn’t easy—even in 45 days. To help, CAD Central offers support resources—including email and phone support, PDF guides, webinars and more.

Try Your Free Trial Today

Are you ready to try out your free Siemens Solid Edge trial in New Zealand? If so, click here to get started! If you have any further questions or concerns, feel free to call CAD Central on 0800 223 756.

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