News, Solid Edge

Solid Edge ST6 has been announced. With over 1200 improvements Siemens have delivered another huge upgrade with something for everyone.

These include

–          New Surfacing tools including G2 curves, in-place curvature edits, bound surfaces, 3D control handles, trim and extend multiple faces at once and much more.

–          Data migration from other CAD systems such is enhanced, with assembly mates and materials coming across in some cases. Once the data is imported it can be edited using synchronous technology.

–          Design validation with 3D Goal Seek

–          Sheet metal, add sheet metal features to ordinary parts of constant thickness, stamped Sheet metal parts and much more

–          Drafting enhancements include call-out balloons placed on path and handy dimension clean up tools

–          Solid Edge Viewer for Android (new) and iPad will also include drawings.

We expect Solid Edge ST6 to be shipping for Cadconsult PLM maintenance customers sometime in August. Free Solid Edge 45 day trials will continue to be in ST5 until then.

For more information and to view several demos please visit our product page here.

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