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Note: The Solid Edge ST8 Maintenance Pack format and process has changed


Release Notes:

Microsoft Installer (MSI) Maintenance Packs – Beginning with Solid Edge ST8, Maintenance Packs are delivered as and installed using Microsoft Installer (MSI) technology. Solid Edge MSI based Maintenance Packs are installed and tracked as Product Updates.

• MSI Product Updates can be applied on top of the base release and or existing Product Update with a lesser version.

• MSI Product Updates are all inclusive, i.e. fixes delivered in MP3 include all fixes delivered in MP1 and MP2.

• MSI Product Updates calculate free disk space before installing. Please note that there have been cases where the Disk Space Computation takes several minutes to complete. Please be patient.

• MSI Product Updates can be uninstalled without having to remove the base Solid Edge product.

• Uninstalling a MSI Product Update will restore the installation to the state before the Product Update was applied.

• PLEASE NOTE: When uninstalling a MSI Product Update, the original source media and the previous Product Update package, if any, must be available to allow the recovery of previous file versions.

• The current MSI Product Update will be the only Update listed and available for uninstallation. After the current Update is uninstalled, the previous Update will become the current Update, if there were multiple Updates installed.

• MSI Product Updates are uninstalled via the Control Panel (Uninstall a program –> View installed updates -> Uninstall).

Solid Edge Maintenance Packs are released for CRITICAL items only.

Maintenance Packs are available up to 15 months following the release date    of the English version. The release date for Solid Edge ST8 English was    06/05/15, making the Maintenance Pack cutoff date 09/05/16.

Download Location:

ST8 Maintenance Packs can be downloaded from:


MSI Maintenance Pack Executables (.exe files) deliver updated versions of existing product dlls.

Maintenance Pack Installs (.zip files) are complete product setups.

Therefore, existing versions must be uninstalled using Uninstall a program from the Control Panel.

This Maintenance Pack addresses the following PRs:  


PR 7400571: SEPreviewLib control crashes in .NET

PR 7418372: CommandInfo::Icon returns HICON of image list instead of a command icon bitmap

PR 7410611: Added Display Dimension control to the Occurrence API

PR 7415571: ModelNode::GetCutLength returns 0

PR 7418550: ST9: getTCSessionInfo is resulting in access violation with TC11.2

PR 7437107: The API ‘ThreadDataByDescription’ does not work in ST7

PR 7320262: SE crashes while using GetCharStrokedCurveData API

PR 7457728: constraint.GetGeometries API does not return the correct geometry


PR 7350355: unloaded parts being graphically visible when IPA in a subassembly

PR 7405944: ASM ribbon bar remain displayed even after part is fully constrained

PR 7406072: Coordinate systems remaining visible when exiting out of part placement

PR 7404095: SE locks up exiting Motor Simulation

PR 7382761: Performance issue opening an assembly file

PR 7408174: Assembly-driven part features (or create features) modifies the RO part if IPA first

PR 7404734: Wrong behavior when placing pipes in XpresRoute

PR 8264755: “Save Simplified Assembly As” is failing

PR 7433665: Interpart copy/locate of peer edges do not work when IPA for a frame

PR 7444416: Cannot select faces of frame when assembling components

PR 7428388: On some parts of the assembly, sync mode cannot recognize holes

PR 8273873: Crash on deleting simplify enclosure

PR 7438350: Explode configurations not showing in Display Configuration dialog drop list

PR 7408174: Change in behavior with ADPF holes through Read Only parts

PR 8506060: Break links does not exist on the edit links dialog in ST7

PR 1928569: Wrong Amount in “Atomic Parts List” (Reports and Draft)

PR 7423057: the user unable to copy sketch into opened subassembly

PR 7432598: Updating all Open documents on each Peer Variable Table record update

PR 7459332: Unable to drag component with specific workflow

PR 7462671: Inactive simplified subassemblies not being included in physical properties calculations

PR 7468199: Frame creation with wrong miter connections


PR 7404984: Existing Balloon changes during File Open

PR 7402651: Hatch scale not calculated correctly when applied to a DV

PR 7408204: Midpoint indicator on a linear dimension is not showing

PR 7384379: Unusual semi-circles appear in some dual dimensions

PR 1928569: Wrong Amount in “Atomic Parts List” in Draft

PR 7415256: Grid disappears when switching sheets

PR 7415586: Parts List changed unacceptable after update views

PR 7419279: Editing an old v20 part profile in ST8 terminates Solid Edge

PR 7407307: Blocks on background sheets not exported to DXF

PR 7428904: coordinate dimension position incorrect when it contains a jog

PR 7432084: Solid Edge crashed while reading entities

PR 7440042: Drawing View Properties / Style page shows the wrong style

PR 7440211: Prefix menu> Tab Key will not focus to next Textbox, regression

PR 7363506: Loop test does not include spreadsheet

PR 7450540: Dimension placed between centers of threaded holes are detached

Part/Profile/Sheet Metal

PR 7408236: White Theme Breaks when 3Dcontrol add-in is enabled

PR 7403670: Incorrect Live Rules showing in Design Intent dialog when editing pattern

PR 7407000: Unable to suppress an instance

PR 7407190: System error appears and assembly document get closed on Undo

PR 7408180: Random ATP failure due to an uninitialized variable

PR 7407825: The “XYZ Point” key point doesn’t work for Helical Curve

PR 7416207: OK button on Groove weld properties dialog is not working

PR 7418433: C-Diameter dim does not line up with face after face edit

PR 7421230: Crash when inserting feature library

PR 7397463: Pattern by table – does not erase pattern if excel file not found

PR 7429158: Hole options change when ST8 MP1 is installed

PR 7395319: New list names are not created in sequential manner

PR 7400876: Animation editor does not work

PR 7405986: Solid Edge closes with ‘System is Low on Memory’ error

PR 8272500: Fail to copy sync hole if ‘Auto Solution Manager’ is enabled

PR 7392093: Driving dimensions do not accept decimal values

PR 7433315: Save as flat dxf -> Etch incomplete exported

PR 7436107: Cone Apex selection doesn’t work in the Assembly Environment

PR 7437087: Smart Dimension locks 2 files up – Please repair in ST7

PR 7441752: Transfer from styles via material.mtl doesn’t work correctly

PR 7444567: Unusual semi-circles appear in some dual dimensions

PR 7247507: Problem of changing geometry in Sheet Metal Assembly

PR 7414055: Reorder group features doesn’t work

PR 7433934: Cannot edit counter bore depth dimension using hole edit control box

PR 7448157: sheet metal part can no longer be edited

PR 8505679: Direction of displacement is reversed in the saved image

PR 7474865: Can’t enter Solution Manager on ST8MP1

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