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At the recent Solid Edge University in Cincinnati, Siemens gave a presentation on some of the new features that are highly likely to appear in ST9, when it is released next year. Siemens would also like to stress that these are just some of the new features, but not necessarily the best, so watch out for more to come in the coming months. Here are some of the items covered:


User Interface:

With customization and preferences management you will be able to take your user customizations and preferences to any machine or get CAD administrators to distribute to the team.

Solid Edge UI controls will scale naturally with display resolution so we are able to easily see and access Solid Edge UI.

Tabbed documents UI allow direct access for switching active documents and provide a useful menu of window management commands which are a click away.


Sketch and layout:

In ST9 we are able to create or place blocks in assembly and part sketches, use block for assembly layout and use in part for feature positioning.

You are also able to annotate assembly and part sketches and DXF/DWG import into sketch or geometry copied from draft, keeps text boxes.


Part modelling:

We are able to modify multiple bodies using a single feature and simplify design and creations of related features. Feature count is also reduced.


Sheet metal modelling:

With ST9 you will be warned when plates clash in flat pattern and invalid (non-manufacturable) SM parts are easily identified.

Sheet metal flat orientation now allows: reorientation to align with sheet grain, reposition flatten using move and rotate commands and ease when adjusting positions to suit your process.



In the assembly relationship manager we can see and edit all assembly relationships, use filters and selections to focus in on relationships of interest and easily fix problem relations using relationship repair.



There is a new Tolerance Table which manages the “class fit” tolerances on drawings. We are able to list dimensions by active sheet, drawing view or user selection. All dimension types that have class fit tolerances are supported and there is easy communication and review of all critical tolerances.

Hole callouts will automatically include count of holes in a callout annotation. Like holes are counted based on hole conditions and manual counting & the risk of incorrect counts is eliminated.


Teamcenter Integration for Solid Edge:

All Teamcenter commands are now collected on a single Command Ribbon tab, which provides direct and easy access to commands and enhances the users learning.

A docking pane containing session connection information and easy access to critical details regarding your connection to Teamcenter will be added.

The ability to open multiple revisions will help to facilitate design reviews and enable designers to compare multiple versions.



The revision manager 2.0 is getting a complete interface facelift and will manage file properties directly in the table and streamline common workflows.

Project files are copied quickly for easy collaborations and we are able to copy from multiple folders to a new folder location. Zip and send to a customer of supplier. Not only that but we can include drawings, simulation results and linked office documents such as excel tables.


SolidWorks drawing migration:

We are able to enhance an already incredibly capable tool on things such as: families of assemblies, family of parts, materials, hole data etc. Solid Edge drawings are now fully associative to the 3D model with a drawing views update on model changes and dimensions now automatically connect to the Drawing View and update. We are also able to quickly transition active design projects without recreating drawings.

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