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Each month we endeavour to add some Solid Edge Tips to our site to keep you up-to-date with new features and items you may have missed. Here are our Tips for February:

Polygon by Center can be chosen under the rectangle pull down – seems obvious but how many times have we manually constructed a polygon ?


Displaying a fully constrained Sketch. Turning on Inspect Tab > Evaluate > Relationship colours will indicate the relationship status of sketch elements. In this case the black colour indicates fully constrained. These colours can be set under Solid Edge Options > Colours but we recommend staying with the default!


Steering Wheel size can be changed under Solid Edge Options > View


If you prefer Solid Edge Help displayed locally go to Solid Edge Options > Helpers and uncheck web browser option.

DisplayLocally UncheckOption

Where are the Solid Edge Tutorials nowadays ? They are all still available – on the web.  This link will display them or you can find them with Online Help.


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