Each month we endeavour to add some Solid Edge Tips to our site to keep you up-to-date with new features and items you may have missed. Here are our Tips for January:

Peer Edge Locate
Whilst in Assembly we can create new features like holes in one part using the geometry identified in other parts. In the below example we are placing a new Countersink hole in a cover part (into the part itself – not the assembly) snapping to the hole already in the underneath part. Set display to Visible and Hidden Edges. Parts that need to be edited and located also have to be activated in the Assembly.



How to Turn OFF the Steering Wheel whilst in Assembly mode

Click on Enable Component Select and Move in the Select section of the Home tab:


How can I get the mass of a whole Assembly?

Go to the Inspect Tab > Physical Properties and click the update button to get the assembly mass as indicated. Be sure to assign the correct materials to your parts to get accurate mass measurement. Note the physical properties below can be saved out as a text file.




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