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Each month we endeavour to add some Solid Edge Tips to our site to keep you up-to-date with new features and items you may have missed. Here are our Tips for March:


Auto sketch relationships. In an Ordered Sketch dragging geometry to existing keypoints will automatically create new 2D relationships.


Dimension value selection shortcut. When zoomed in on a sketch, such that a dimension line is visible, but its value (to be changed) is not, hold the ALT key whilst selecting the dimension line. The dimension value box will display so a change made be made. If the ALT key is not held down when selecting the dimension line then only the Dimension style Command Bar will appear.



Create Sketch Dimensions automatically. In Synchronous mode: Select the Sketching Tab, Open the IntelliSketch options or; in Ordered mode: Create a Sketch. On the Home tab click the IntelliSketch options button.

Click the check box to Auto create dimensions.

Use either of the radio button options below the check box to define when dimensions are created to a Sketch.



In Ordered mode there is a button in the Ribbon to toggle on/off Auto-Dimension, so you do not have to go into IntelliSketch options to do this.



QuickPick area. If using QuickPick extensively it can be useful to increase the size of the QuickPick circle on the Solid Edge cursor. This enables the user to be less accurate with mouse location and perform less view manipulation changes to get quicker results in the QuickPick list. The cursor tab in the IntelliSketch options are used to configure the QuickPick area, its default is 6 pixels.


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