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I recently read an article called “What sets Solid Edge apart from Solidworks” that looks at why Siemens are the leading mid-range CAD provider. In the article, it looks at the use of Synchronous Technology and the forward thinking of using the Surface Pro for design on the go. This is true to a certain extent, but doesn’t explain the why. The latest release of Solid Edge emphasises what makes Solid Edge stand out – the developers. Over the years, the Solid Edge development team have shown that they stay in touch with what the market is doing and actually develop tools that will help designers by working faster and designing better.

The first sign of this was sheet metal being introduced as a separate environment back in v3.5 (the only half release in Solid Edge’s history), then surface modelling in v14 (not new, but this brought a totally new approach to improving the way surfaces are built) and Synchronous Technology showed how Direct Edit (parametric) modelling can remove a lot of the headaches that can be found in feature based modelling – understanding other peoples design, no visibility of how updates will affect downstream features and modifying imported files. The new tools in ST10 continue this trend with the introduction of Generative design, reverse engineering and Additive manufacturing and while they are not the final product, they do show how Siemens are moving in the right direction.

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Research shows the following statistics:

  • 3D scanning is expected to grow on average 10% a year, making it a $6 billion global market by 2022. The demand for 3D scanners is expected to increase owing to the growing need to capture large volumes of 3D data for modeling and analysis purposes.
  • 47% of manufacturers expect material costs to increase up to 5% in the next 12 months, necessitating the need for light weighting or topology optimization of components and packaging.
  • And by 2025, up to 50% of all injection molded plastics will be produced using 3D printed molds.

Future Directions

As the industry and the way we work changes, the CAD software you are using needs to provide the right tools for the job. Siemens are doing their bit, but can the other CAD vendors say the same?



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