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The position of a face can be simply set by offset the steering wheel location before the move operation is started.  For example, we wish to position the horizontal face to 10mm below the bottom of the angled face.

To do this, click once on the horizontal face to show the linear steering wheel (shown here).

Notice that the icon on the cursor as you move over the arrow of the steering wheel shows a face move icon. Now hold down the shift key (while still hovering over the arrow) and you will notice that the icon changes to a circle with a line coming out of it (the reposition origin icon). Click the arrow once (while holding down the Shift key) and you will see a dimension appear – this is the offset dimension away from the selected face. Type in the distance that you want the face to be from the angled face (10mm in our case) and hit enter.

Now click the arrow again to switch to steering wheel mode.

Click on the vertical arrow on the steering wheel to indicate you want to move the face verticallyand position the cursor over the corner at the bottom of the angled face (shown) to position the face 10mm below the vertex. 

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