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In this example, we will create a semi-circular groove on the circumference of a 50mm diameter shaft by revolving a circle as a cutout.

The 50mm shaft is located at the centre of the coordinate system and the circle is placed on the x-y plane.

Select the region created by the circle and move the steering wheel to the centreline of the shaft.

Click on the torus and change the cut option to 360 degrees. This will create the groove and a live section on the x-y plane.

Place a locked dimension on the radius of the groove in the live section.

Create a new live section on the end of the shaft. Once placed, the steering wheel will appear. Click the primary axis and move the section along the shaft and position it at the centre of the groove radius.

Place a dimension on the base diameter on the live section. Changing this value will now make the groove shallower, while maintaining the radius.

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