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When you are building your template draft file, you will commonly set up a drawing border which is pre-set with certain (callout) fields that will display properties from the parts or assemblies that are placed on the sheet. It is also possible to include properties from the active draft file and one case you may wish to do this is to display the names of the Sheet Tabs that are displayed at the bottom of the document, rather than the typical “Sheet 1 of 1″. Here’s how to do it:

In an existing drawing or a template draft file, you need to go into the View tab and click to display the background sheets, which are where the drawing borders are stored.

Typically there will be one for each sheet size (so you may need to modify it more than once). Find the Callout text that relates to the sheet number and double click it to edit it. In the Callout properties, delete the existing Callout Text.

Select the Property text icon (just above the bottom left of the dialog box).

Set the drop down in the top right to “From Active Document” and double click the Sheet Name” option to the bottom of the Properties list (this should appear in the “Property Text” box at the bottom of the dialog box.

Click OK and click OK again. Close the background sheets and the text should be updated on each of your main sheets.

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