Solid Edge, Tips

To create a core of a part (copy) that has open facesyou will need to “close off” the spaces first.
First use the Insert Part Copy command to load the part into a new file. Create a protrusion that sits on the bottom face (provided the surface is flat)
In the surfacing tab, click the copy surface command
Click the underside of the part copy (inside faces) and hide the part copy feature.
Now create a sketch on the top face of the protrusion and draw a line at the outside edges of the cylinders.
On each of the four openings you will now need to create a “Bounded Surface” which is found in the surfacing tool bar. .
Pick the semi-circular exit point and the sketch line and accept the selection This will create a surface at the exit point. Repeat this process for the other three.
The next step is join the five surfaces together. Select the “Stitched” command in the suracing toolbar. Use a fence select to select all of the surfaces and accept them. This should now highlight as a single item.
Use the Boolean command (found under the replace face command) and select the Unite option.
Select the Stitched surface to create a solid of the internal face of the part copy.

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