Solid Edge, Tips

It’s important that you download and install Solid Edge maintenance updates. These are released on a regular basis as bugs are identified and corrected.

Firstly, you will need a webkey to log into Siemen’s system, which you get by going to this page knows as GTAC – Global Technical Access Center

To setup a webkey click on Webkey Management and then Create an account on the next page, choosing Standard Webkey.

You will need your Sold-to ID and Webkey Access Code which is provided by CAD Central Ltd and also part of the text inside your Solid Edge license file.


Once you have your Webkey you can check for Solid Edge updates by clicking on Download/Upload files at GTAC


Or just go straight to the download area

(eg for ST6 it is )

Login with your Webkey and locate the current maintenance pack.


Similarly you can retrieve your Solid Edge licenses from GTAC under license management – then login with your Webkey.



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