Solid Edge

The “Divide Part” command has been superseded by the “Split” command. The “Split” command has more functionality and options than the “Divide Part” command has.



However, if you really want to use it, the “Divide Part” command is still available. We have just removed it from the toolbars in favour of the new “Split” command.

The best way to make the “Divide Part” command available to you again is to add it to your “Quick Access Toolbar”. (You could add it to the “Radial Menu” as well, should you so desire.)


To add the command to the “Quick Access Toolbar”, go to the customize command next to the “Quick Access Toolbar”.



In the image below, I am customizing the “Ordered Part” environment. I am using the “All Commands” filter to locate the “Divide Part” command. Then selecting the “Quick Access” tab to see the available commands. I then select the “Divide Part” command, then select “Add” to add the command to the “Quick Access Toolbar”.



The “Divide Part” command is now available in your “Quick Access Toolbar”.



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