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Solid Edge
Solid Edge​


Speed up product design with the most efficient, easy to use, and integrated 2D and 3D software in the industry.

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Download your Solid Edge 30 day free trial and see the full benefits of this world leading CAD software first hand.

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Get the world leading Solid Edge CAD software when you need it with monthly subscriptions from our online store.

Six reasons to switch to Solid Edge


What if you could spend less time waiting for your assemblies to load? What if you could create design documentation more quickly, without any corrections? What if you never had to recreate a 3D model to match data from a 3D scanner again? Let your design tool help you – not hinder you.

To help understand the challenges of modern product design, we partnered with Lifecycle Insights to conduct a research study. The resulting Design Challenges Study includes data from engineers and designers from around the globe and measures the impact of the issues they are facing.

This paper highlights six reasons to address these challenges with a switch from your current solution to Solid Edge. In each section, we quantify the impact of the frustrations felt by modern engineers and detail how you can mitigate these challenges by taking advantage of the capabilities and features of Solid Edge.

Read the report today to learn how switching to Solid Edge software can reduce frustration, save time and minimize development costs.

Why Switch from Solidworks - The hidden costs of switching kernal


As you may or may not know, Solidworks is built on the Siemens owned parasolid modelling kernal and over recent years Dassault have been trying to encourage users to switch to 3DXperience, which is based on their own CGM kernal. There are a lot of implications in switching you designs over, as this includes migrating to the new CGM and that means no going back! The other implication on the move is that you will need to also switch to a subscription model and no longer own your own software. Read more about the implications of kernal change in the article below.

“Solid edge has transformed the way we deliver to our customers. When we purchased the package I was apprehensive (being a first time solids drawer) about how long it would take me to learn it. I took to it like a duck to water, finding it incredibly easy to understand and use compared to the other packages we looked at. With CAD Central's exceptional back up service and help, we have easily cut our lead times by more than half and bang for buck I doubt Solid Edge can be beaten. It is a great product."

Stephen Besley

Gunabros Systems Ltd


Analyse your designs for integrity, quality, and physical safety with world class Finite Element Analysis (FEA) from Siemens.

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Get a free 30 day trial version of Femap with NX Nastran.

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Get Femap on a monthly subscription basis.


Teamcenter Rapid Start delivers the world's most widely implemented product data management (PDM) solution, preconfigured to leverage common best practices.

“Managing the data and status of many projects was proving too difficult using file based systems, but Teamcenter Rapid Start has helped us to be more focussed, share information more easily and ensure everyone is using the correct information. Knowing that Teamcenter works well with most CAD formats means that we are not locked in to a single CAD solution. Rapid Start gave us the foundation to hit the ground running, with the pre-configured options, but also peace of mind that we can easily customise what we need and expand our solution should the need arise. The new Active Workspace offers a new level of functionality, with its user friendliness and ability to interact with Teamcenter, participate in workflows, etc, all from within you CAD session interface.”


-Tony Carpenter, Best Bars Ltd.

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