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We understand that quality support makes a real difference when working with software. That’s why we offer a range of avenues to get support and help on your Solid Edge software. On this site you have access to our video tutorials and tech tips, but you can also contact us via phone or email.

If you call us with a support question, you’ll quickly notice that our team are able to provide a level of practical knowledge that is far beyond just software errors, updates and patches. Our support team are all experienced engineers who have used the products in the real world, so can help with:

  • Overcoming common (and uncommon) user modelling / analysis / computing errors;

  • Finding better techniques for operating the software;

  • Resolving technical and practical engineering issues;

  • Exploring methods to extend (or rationalise) the physics being represented;

  • Finding ways to improve the overall efficiency (and thus the ROI) of the simulation process;

  • Advancing analysts’ competence/experience level;

  • Understanding what situations and physics can be effectively addressed by simulation and finite element analysis.

Support types

Support is offered via email and phone to quickly find solutions to your problems. Where a more complex analysis of a problem is required, an issue may be passed on to the Global Technical Access Centre at Siemens.

You can also view our ongoing Tech Tip PDFs here and view educational webinars here.

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