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Please contact Alan Pope for more details or to purchase a macro.


Macro to update parts list to only ballooned items

CAD Central has created a macro that allows you to update your parts list to display only the items that are ballooned. It is not possible to have a full assembly on one sheet, with all parts ballooned with item numbers and then have a subset of those same parts displayed on a second sheet, using the same part numbers AND only show the ballooned items.

The process is to create the main assembly on the second sheet and then only show the parts that you wish to detail. When the parts list is created, the balloons are placed and the item numbers remain the same. Unfortunately, the parts list will still display all the parts. The macro is designed to go through the parts list and hide any row that does not contain a balloon.

Watch the video to see how this macro works:

Free macro to check for out of date drawing views

CAD Central have created a macro that you can use to check draft files for out-of-date drawing views. The macro will allow you to specify a folder, a folder and all of its sub-folders and just a list of selected files within a specific folder and it will check each file to see whether it contains any out of date drawing views.
Contact Alan Pope for more information and to get a copy.

Free assembly/part renaming macro

CAD Central has created a macro that allows you to copy an entire assembly and rename each part/assembly by adding a prefix, suffix or just replaces one string for another (ie “LN-“ to “SN-“), so that when you want to create a new product based on an existing one, you ensure that all part names are unique.

Contact Alan Pope for more information and to get a copy.

Sheet delete

This macro will allow you to delete multiple sheet in one command. Run the macro from a solid edge draft file and it will list all of the active sheets in the file. Select the sheets to delete and then hit the "Delete Sheets" button to delete all sheets in one go.


Cost as displayed

Macro to replace background sheets

This macro has been created to replace background sheets in existing draft files.

Background sheets are stored in the draft template and when you create a new draft, it is just a copy of the template. So, what happens if you move and the address or logo changes – all your existing background sheets are now out of date. It is possible to update them one at a time, but this is very time consuming!

This macro allows you to update the background sheets for all draft files in a nominated folder by copying from an updated template draft file.


Macro to Save As PDF/DXF/STEP

This Macro is designed to scroll through all the parts in an open Solid Edge assembly and look for drafts (of the same name as the part in the same directory) and save the draft as a PDF. It will also find all sheet metal files and create DXF's if a flat pattern already exists. If there is no flat pattern, it gives the option to create it before moving on to the next.


Intelligent Part Numbering macro

This macro has been designed to allow you to create intelligent Part numbering for single files. The macro allows you to build your own number generation scheme and customise it to suit your needs by using a configuration file. Chosen options are stored in the file properties and used to define the part number.


Macro to automatically create document number to a pattern


This macro has been developed by CAD Central to auto number your Solid Edge files' document number property using a combination of a prefix, an incremental numeric portion and a suffix. This will work on multiple files from an assembly. You can learn more from the video

Recording dimensional changes


This video shows a new macro that has been developed by CAD Central to keep track of dimensional variations during a design update. This uses the dimension tracker to record these changes in a solid edge draft template.

Tool to manage your file properties


CAD Central have developed a tool to helps to manage your Solid Edge file properties, whether for preparation for Solid Edge data management or for PDM. Contact Alan Pope for more information.

Create Drawing Pack 


A Solid Edge add-on that will allow them to create a drawing pack that contains all of the drawing PDF's, DXF's and STP files for a specific assembly. Each drawing number (filename) is extracted from the assembly and matching files will be located in nominated folders and found files are copied to an output folder, ready for delivery to the workshop or supplier. A report is also created listing the files details and quantities.
This process creates the desired output much quicker than when done manually and does not miss files!

Solid Edge sheet metal costing tool


This macro is aimed at anyone who wishes to estimate the manufacturing cost of their sheet metal products. The macro utilises the Design for Cost functionality in Solid Edge classic or premium and bases the approximation of the cost of production on:

• material cost (including blank cost, plus a percentage allowance for clamping material)

• bending cost (including a set up cost, number of required set-ups and cost per bend)

• piercing cost (for where laser cut and it needs to pierce through rather than cut from the side)

• stamping cost

• Coating cost (based on spraying and calculated against surface area)

• PEM Cost (cost per PEM and number of PEM’s in the part)


The costs for each task are stored in a spreadsheet on a per material basis and can therefore be adjusted with experience. Therefore, costings will be approximate at first, but should become more accurate over time. The macro will work on a list of files in a specific folder or from an assembly. In the case of the assembly, it will add a part count and can work on part files as well as sheet metal files (useful if you have imported an assembly and the default part template is used). For part files, the macro will attempt to convert to sheet metal and include the file in the output if it is successful. The output is sent to a spreadsheet with cells filled using formulae where appropriate. Cells marked in red are for manual entry or errors. Contact us for more information on

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