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Femap Tech Tips

Femap: Femap 12 new Features


This sheet tip gives a quick overview of some of the new features to be added into Femap 12. 


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​Femap Tip: Femap 11.3 - Part 2

This Tech Tip looks some more of the new features and things to look out for in Femap 11.3. 


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Femap: Femap 11.3 – Part 1


This sheet tip gives a quick overview of some of the new features to be added into Femap 11.3. 


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Femap: How to display displacement results as a contour vector (arrow) plot


This tech tip describes how to display displacement results as a contour vector (arrow) plot using Femap. The description is based upon the use of Femap v11.2.0 but should be equally valid for other versions of Femap. 


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Femap: Sub-modelling within an FEA Project


Sub-modelling principles can be used with FEA codes such as Abaqus, Ansys, Marc, Strand 7 and more. However the focus of this document is to demonstrate the procedure when using Femap with NX Nastran which provides a convenient, ergonomic technique for performing sub-modelling. 


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Femap 11 White Paper


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Overcoming Model Singularities in Finite Element Systems


Model singularities are the cause of many common analysis error messages reported, and can be a source of frustration for many inexperienced (and experienced) analysts. Download this PDF for a discussion of how to recognise and overcome analysis singularities. 


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Using Consistent Engineering Units in Finite Element Analysis


Depending on the modelling software used for Finite Element Analysis (FEA), the modelling process often requires a very high level understanding of engineering units. Although FEA user interfaces may provide convenient methods for declaring which units are applied at any instant, it is important to know that almost every FEA solver does not show units in the “input file”. This PDF will provide you with more information on managing this aspect of FEA. 


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Contact Modelling with Femap

Femap with NX Nastran enables more convenient contact modelling than has been traditionally available from general purpose FEA codes. For linear (small motion interfaces with or without friction) and general 3D non-linear contact, Femap with NX Nastran provides comprehensive modelling and analysis capabilities. General 3D contact can be with or without other types of non-linearity (such as large strain material plasticity) in static or transient environments. 


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Using Rigid Elements in Femap

A rigid element is a link from one node to another (or multiple nodes), where motion is governed by the “degrees of freedom” one chooses to connect. This guide describes common uses and tips for using these elements. This document provides some theory to help better understand their practical use. 

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Femap Non-Linear analysis restarts

It is not always necessary to rerun an analysis in its entirety to obtain additional analysis results, add a new load at a specific point in the analysis sequence, or even change the number of load steps used to apply the loads. This document provides a discussion and example of how this can be managed in a restart analysis. 

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Accelerating Femap with NX Nastran run time performance

To boost the performance of your Femap with NX Nastran installation, we recommend you modify some user default settings. The two easy items for improving performance run time is to switch parallel processing on, and to force spare RAM to be used as if a disk. This downloadable PDF shows you how. 

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Plate Edge-to-Solid gluing in Femap

Edge glue saves a lot of time and effort, whilst doing an excellent job of accurately transmitting forces across the interface. 

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