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Grab yourself a FREE Educational version of Siemens Solid Edge 3D – the design software of choice for product and mechanical design projects.

Siemens PLM Software provides secondary school to university educators with industry-leading technology to support the teaching of product design and science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) for educational programs that meet or exceed student and industry needs. Resources are developed by teachers for teachers.

For Middle School and High School Educators

Middle school and high school play an essential role in educating future engineers and product designers. It’s at this stage in their education that many students first experience the spark that ignites their passion for design and engineering.

The Solid Edge High School Edition enables teachers to prepare junior and high school students for the future of engineering and product design.

For College and University Educators

Professors at the college and university level can provide students with the knowledge and skills to help secure engineering or product design careers. Siemens PLM Software offers colleges and universities a comprehensive family of modular, integrated PLM technology to help educators meet the mechanical design software and educational needs of these college students.


Learning new software can take time, but Siemens have done some of that work for you with some great bite sized tutorials on how to get into Synchronous Technology and there are even certificates that can be earned to validate your knowledge! Find out more on the Udemy site.

CAD Central have also done a couple of video tutorials for one school heading down this track.

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