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PDM Studio


PDM Studio is a flexible, high-performance solution for product data management and process automation, especially designed for small and medium-sized companies.

It is an efficient solution for managing product data, projects and technical documents in engineering, manufacturing and design process environments. With PDM Studio, you can manage complex workflows and automate manual tasks, allowing engineering teams to work more efficiently.

The software offers advanced data management features such as version control, access control, revision management and change history.

There are several native CAD file formats supported: SOLID EDGE, NX, Solidworks, Inventor and Autocad.

Furthermore, PDM Studio allows the management of virtually all non-CAD files involved in the product development process and process automation, such as creating lists of parts (BOM) or exporting data for production. PDM Studio can be easily integrated with other solutions, such as ERP systems.

In summary, PDM Studio is a robust and flexible product data management solution that helps engineering teams work more efficiently and productively.

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Multi CAD: Solid Edge, NX, SOLIDWORKS, AUTOCAD, Inventor

Whether you need to maintain CAD data from one piece of CAD software or multiple, PDM studio has you covered! there are full integrations with the CAD systems Solid Edge and NX from Siemens, SOLIDWORKS from Dassault, and AUTOCAD and Inventor from Autodesk (which includes a PDM Studio tab directly in your CAD software).

Solid Edge integration
Solidworks integration
NX integration
Inventor integration


Many PDM Systems require that your data is "cleaned" before implementation can start and that you need to have specific planning in place to configure your system for mapping your CAD properties to the PDM database. PDM Studio does not require this which enables much quicker implementation times and requires less manpower. 

Short introduction time

The automation of recurring processes relieves your employees of tedious routine tasks, prevents manual errors and thus increases efficiency and quality. This module offers time savings by using automated filling of properties such as part numbers, the creation of neutral formats such as PDF, Step or DXF, convenient copy assistants, the control of printing and plotting jobs or a time-controlled provision of data. Another feature is sheet metal part and production list management. All content is customisable and can be put together graphically without programming skills. 

Life cycles

All types of documents (CAD, Office, images, etc.) can be divided into freely definable lifecycle phases such as ‘in processing’, ‘in review’ or ‘release’. Each document has its defined status and is monitored throughout all lifecycle phases. PDM Studio also supports the user with a system-supported and secure release process. Access for specific users is controlled based on their document status. Checks ensure the quality of documents to be released maintaining that linked documents do not .


CAD data is very specialised in that it will contain links between parts, assemblies and drafts and the PDM system has to maintain that for optimum performance. As such, draft files are stored within the part structure and where used tools are used to ensure an understanding of what may be affected when a part is changed. You will also commonly need to link other documents to a design (part or assembly) and PDM Studio enables this so that relevant information is easily visible when looking at files. 

Revision Control

PDM Studio documents all past document states. Earlier versions can be accessed at any time, including their life cycle phase and any existing comments. For example, it is possible to quickly and conveniently determine the condition in which a component was installed at a particular point in time. The mapping of comprehensible and consistent revision history is particularly important for professional quality management. PDM Studio provides wizards for this purpose and enables selective revision even within complex structures.

Version Control

Version control in PDM Studio allows the user the ability to edit released draft files where a part or assembly it relates to has not been changed for the purpose of adding extra dimensions or views. 

Learn More

If you want to learn more about PDM in general or PDM Studio, contact Alan Pope for a no-obligation chat about what is involved in moving to PDM and what are the benefits.

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