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Starting with synchronous technology

Getting started with a CAD system can be hard, whether you are new to CAD or if you are switching from another product.

Synchronous Technology is a completely new way of working, so here are a few videos to help you to learn some of the tools and terminology.


When learning a new product, it is always good to get a little guidance, so when you start Solid Edge, you can configure it to guide you along the way with various helpers.

Command finder

When learning a new program, one of the most difficult things is finding the tool that you want. Solid Edge has solved this problem by adding the Command Finder to help you locate what you need.

Live rules

Why spend ages adding relationship when the software can manage a lot of this automatically, giving you the control of whether you want it maintained or not.

Solid Edge steering wheel described

Now for a more in depth look at the steering wheel and all of its components.

Smart dimension

Dimensioning is an important part of constraining geometry and detailing but the Smart Dimension tool makes the work so much easier once you know a few shortcuts. Find out more here:

Live rules and the steering wheel

Solid Edge with Synchronous Technology is revolutionary in the way it lets you manipulate models and the whole process is controlled by the steering wheel and live rules. Use this video to see how they work together.

Selection manager

Selecting faces to manipulate geometry can often take time but the selection manager helps speed up this process.

3D driving dimensions

Adding dimensions can help constrain your model but also adjust it.

Radial menu

The radial menu allows you to have your commonly used commands at the end of your cursor. Just click and hold down to display them!

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