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There are many on-line tutorial for Solid Edge, but one-on-one training gives that extra boost to getting to grips with Solid Edge that much quicker. CAD Central offer both full 3 day Solid Edge Foundation courses or smaller, more targeted, training which is specific to your needs and offer training in both Ordered and Synchronous.


Courses can be run:

  • on-site (This option is good when large groups are involved)

  • over the web. (This option is good when you want to focus on smaller topics or break training up into smaller segments, which is especially useful when you cannot commit to a larger portion of time away from the office.)


The following list describes the individual exercises available to you.


Ordered part

Profiles | Creating sketches and using the 2D tools.


Basic part design | Creating basic parts using extrude, revolve, cutouts, patterns and ribs

Part design | More advanced part modelling with thin wall, ribs using open profiles, sweeps, blends, helix, text profiles, ribs and patterns

Synchronous Tools

Moving faces | Learn how to use the steering wheel and lives rules to adjust geometry

Sketching | Construct sketches and build regions for creating geometry

Modelling | Build a vice using synchronous technology

Face relationships | Build 3D geometric constraints to build in permanent design intent

Sheet metal


Basic SM | Creating a routing table leg using flanges, cutouts, contour flanges and rounds

Enclosures | Enclosure with flanges, beads, dimples, patterns and part edit options


Basic SM in ST | Learn to use and manipulate sheet metal parts using Synchronous Technology


Basic assembly | Assembly relationship commands, redefining assembly structures - transfer/disperse, non-modelled parts - grease, oil, etc for parts list, explode and designing in the context of the assembly

Design manager | Interference checking, file properties and design manager for part revision

Weldments | Weldments using the weldment assembly


Templates | Building your own template and quick sheets and linking title block information to part properties

View manipulation | Using the view wizrd, placing views, editing the drawing view properties, paper thin section views, draw in view, sutaway section views and reference parts

Dimensions | Using a range of dimensioning tools and retrieving dimensions

Annotations | Using text boxes, datum and feature control frames

Diagramming hole tables | Using blocks and connectors to create a schematic


Ordered part

Family of parts | Create a family of parts by changing sizes and suppressing features


Direct edit | Use the insert part copy and modify commands - move/delete face, resize holes/rounds


Feature groups | Learn how to group sets of features in the part feature pathfinder

Simplified part | Learn how to simplify a part for quicker display in assemblies


Goal seek | Learn how to use the goal seek tool in both 2D and 3D to optimise your design to fit specific parameters


Plastic features | Learn how to use the features typically used in plastics design, such as the lip, divide part, rib, mounting boss features


Surfacing | Use a number of the surfacing features to create a tap


Simple moulds | Use insert part copy to create a core and cavity of a cap

Sheet metal


Lofts and contour | Learn to use the lofted and contour flanges for more complex sheet metal parts


Complex SM | Learn to design a complex shaped casing in part and convert to sheet metal

Create from dwg | Learn how to create a sheet metal file from an imported dwg file


Weldments | Learn how to create weldments in both the assembly and part


Adjustable parts  | Learn how to create an adjustable spring that will change length to fit the space

Advanced | Learn how to set file properties, use the advanced part section, create and modify display configurations, create zones, queries, use the relationship management tools and use the simplified parts and assemblies


Frame Design | Learn how to create your own frame profiles and use the frame tool


Virtual assemblies | Create virtual assemblies to plan out the structure, create virtual parts and lay out the assembly in 2D, before publishing to create the base files needed


Family of assys | Learn how to create a 


Animation | Learn how to use the motors relationship to build an animation

Engineering ref | Learn how to use some of the tools in the engineering reference module


Diagramming | Learn how to create and use blocks to create a schematic diagram

2D | Learn how to use the sketching tools in 2D model view and to generate scaled drawing views in the standard drawing sheets


Data management | Learn how to setup data management by setting file properties, checking for duplicate name and document numbers


Data Management in Solid Edge | Learn how to change revision in Solid Edge under data management and check for latest revisions 


Keyshot | Learn how to create a basic keyshot rendering

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