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What is Product Data Management (PDM)?

Product data management is a system for managing design data and engineering processes in one central location. Engineering teams use PDM software to organize product-related information, track revisions, collaborate, manage change orders, generate Bills of Materials (BOMs), and more. With a single source for project data, engineers save time and avoid mistakes.

These videos look at some of the questions you may have about PDM.

How Much PDM is Right for Me?

The Strategic Payoff from PDM

What PDM solution is best for me?

You need to decide what you require from a system? 

CAD Central offer 2 different PDM systems, both of which provide the following attributes:

  • The ability to manage multiple CAD systems, either individually or a mix.

  • Integration for Microsoft Office

  • Easy searching of documents (using a database of properties).

  • Controlled file storage to avoid file duplication.

  • Life cycle processing - release, working, obsolete

  • Linking data - the ability to link reports, word, excel files to a CAD drawing for easy visibility

  • Web access to the information

  • User definable workflows to automate tasks at certain stages, such as PDF or DXF file generation

  • Embedded PDM tabs in your CAD and office programs.

  • Software that keeps pace with your CAD software!

Visibility between management and departments is also important and this is where PDM adds good value to an organisation. Making sure that all data is clearly connected and visible is important to successful design work that not only includes Design data, but field and manufacturing reports and analysis data needs to be linked to their related documents. 

Where are you heading?

Decisions on whether you are planning on major growth or plan to roughly maintain a status quo will help clarify which PDM system is best for you? 

Another question you will need to answer is how much manpower you have for managing the PDM system of choice, as one solution requires less pre-planning and less accurate data than the other. 

In New Zealand, we have a lot of engineering companies that have small design offices, but still generate a lot of data that needs to be managed. If you fall into this category, then PDM Studio will be your most likely solution. If you are a larger company with plans to expand and want to share information between many departments, then Teamcenter Rapid Start should be where you start your research, although there may be some consideration for PDM Studio too.

The options

Teamcenter Rapid Start

Teamcenter Rapid Start is a preconfigured product data management (PDM) deployment option for Teamcenter that you can get into production quickly, and cost-effectively.

PDM Studio

PDM Studio is a flexible, high-performance solution for product data management and process automation, especially designed for small and medium-sized companies.

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